Monday, November 28, 2005

Who Am I and where did I come from?

This is a fun little distraction from the rigor of survival in the u.p. Land of drama and outdated sin. Devin is eleven, Hazil is nine, Finn is seven, and Toby is 2....these little people are full of mirrors and wisdom beyond their past lives. they heal me reel me and kick my ass. I don't really have exciting tales of love and success, friends and money.......Adam and I have been together twelve years now. I guess we are at that point of wondering if we are enough for eachother. This girls gotta learn how to love herself...cuz she went from her mama's nest to the older mans v.w. bus with that life tool not intact.........I have challenged myself and discovered wonderful things...but I am in need of a muse to move this midlife neurosis in a new direction...I aspire to attend midwifery school in the next few years...I am seriously contemplating La Matrona, a little school in North Carolina....well thats it for now, cuz the candy bar devin and I ate at the laundry mat just aint gonna do it........see ya!